The ticketing area in Billings Logan International Airport is in the main terminal's left side.

The airlines and BIL airport recommend that passengers arrive at least two hours before their scheduled flight time, because of increases in Airport security. It is also advised to check with the airline company to determine at what time to arrive. The Terminal Building opens at 4 am and shuts after the last flight of the day or at midnight.

To buy airline tickets, contact either the travel agent or the airline directly via the official website.

TSA Prohibited Items

Billings Logan International Airport has regulations regarding the possession of firearms the airport's facilities. Guns are not allowed in the airport unless they are contained in a case or a container fit for shipment by air and carried by a government employee, peace officer, the Armed Forces member.

When planning to travel with a firearm, it is advised to inform the TSA and the airline in advance.

For more information about prohibited items such as flammables and sharp objects, visitors can enter the TSA official website.

REAL ID and BIL airport

A Montana REAL ID-compliant identification will be needed to access federal facilities and fly domestically as of October 1, 2020. Alternatively, travelers can bring passport or passport card to the airport as they are acceptable forms of identification too.

REAL ID cards and driver licenses have a gold star marked in the upper right corner to indicate it is compliant with REAL ID. This allows federal officials and airport to identify the card quickly.

Upgrade a Montana license to REAL ID can be advantageous for passengers as it is more secure than traditional identification means.